At SRR we Maximize Your Revenue from Any Payer with Our Denials Management & Third-Party Billing Services

Whether your hospital is simply short on staff, need help with denials management or converting to an entirely new billing system, Third-Party Billing Services from Strategic Revenue Recovery helps to keep hospital billing operations on track. Long-term or temporary, our dependable staff extends your business office to help you stay on top of initial billing, clean up old accounts, or denials management.

At Strategic Revenue Recovery, we:

·    Work with a variety of state regulations and payers, including Commercial Insurance, Workers Compensation and all government programs;

·    Can submit claims remotely using the client’s billing system;

·    Review unpaid claims frequently for resubmission/resolution;

·    Comply with all CMS, OIG and HIPAA regulations;

·    Utilize the appeals process established by each payer;

·    Work tenaciously for payment in full as our goal on all claims assigned.

Strategic gets and keeps hospitals’ A/R healthy. Short or long-term engagements welcome.


We are able to be way more effective at AR recovery by dedicating more time and resources to our clients then our competitors.


Effective revenue cycle management is fundamental to viable hospital operations. As pressures grow on C-suite executives from multiple sources, so grow the pressures on revenue cycle professionals. Not unreasonably, you’re expected to squeeze every last dollar from your people and processes. But what is unreasonable is expecting you to do it without sufficient resources. You’re forced to pick your battles: Be excellent in one area; average in another; poor in a third. The complexities can be overwhelming it can be difficult even to grasp the big picture of revenue cycle management, let alone manage the day-to-day details. Even the best run revenue cycle operations can’t do it all.


Simply put: Revenue cycle managers need help. And that’s where we come in. Our clients not only benefit from specific operations services that result in additional revenue and efficiencies. They also benefit from our ability to think through the issues both common and unique to medical institutions / hospitals, integrate solutions, help to implement recommendations and measure the results.

Do more and more revenue cycle challenges seem both urgent and important?

The management maxim of separating the urgent from the important is less useful now that nearly everything seems to be urgent and important. Revenue cycle maximization initiatives are in place at most hospitals.

There’s just too much to do.


Let our proven consulting process help you sort it out and take the right action at the right time.

  • What issues can we help you with? Here are just a few:
  •  Full Scale Revenue Cycle Analysis
  • Interim Hospital & Physician Revenue Cycle Management
  •  Cash Acceleration Projects
  • Accounts Receivable Assessments
  • Accounts Receivable Valuation Studies
  • Revenue Enhancement Projects
  • AR Systems Implementation and Support
  • Managed Care Contract Performance Review / Analysis
  • Denial Assessment and Recovery Management
  • AR Transition and Project Implementation


Will there be a charge for a new conusltation ?

No cost for our cosultation.

How do we get paid?

We only get paid a sucess fee.

We make money from the additonal AR we bring in to you.


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